Monday, May 3, 2010

caesar is home after he tells it...

well, as all my facebook friends know, last week i hurt myself pretty bad. mom says i play too hard and am not careful enough. anyway, i tore something called my "ACL" and had to go to the hospital for something called "surgery". there are not many doctors who do the kind of surgery i needed, so i had to travel quite a ways away to someone called a specialist. when i got there everybody was really nice to me and said what a good boy i was (and how hansome too). they spent lots of time looking at my leg and talking about lots of things i didn't understand. but i knew i could trust them to take good care of me, because i could tell that mom trusted them, and mom always knows what's best. anyway, after being there two days, lots of which i don't remember too well, mom came back to get me and now i'm back home.

even tho i'm not looking too chipper, i'm feelin' no pain thanks to my "patch" (which i think is quite cool, kind of like a tatoo), that gives me something to make me feel pretty good thru my skin.

it also helps me to stay quiet and not jump around and hurt myself again. it even helped me forget how much i like to pull the stuffing out of the sides of my bed.

whoa, here's my leg that got "operated" on, they said i might have to wear a "cone" so i wouldn't lick it...not to worry...i'm not gonna lick it, i don't even wanna look at it!

i am kinda bored tho, because even tho jeni and shep are real good about watching over me, they get to go outside, and i can't go with them to play now. bummer.

haha...i knew if i just looked sad enough for long enough...someone would feel sorry for me and take me outside and give me belly rubs!!! i just knew it!!!

but do not, i repeat do not, make any wise remarks about how this haircut i had to get for my surgery makes my butt look like a poodle's butt. no way.

so, that's the story about how i hurt myself and had to have surgery. i sure hope i never have to do it again, even tho it was quite an adventure and i really liked everybody i met at the hospital. this is my "sling" which keeps me safe to move around while i recover. calling me poodle butt!!!

thank you to Dr. Kerstetter, Dr. Bhandal, Kathi Haney LVT, and everybody at Michigan Veterinary Specialists, who take such extraordinary care of the animals we love so much!!! they have a beautiful new facility, state-of-the-art everything, and are always just a phone call away, 24/7/365. they truly can help!

and a special thank-you too, to our friend Larry who helps us make sure the c-monster (and all our other "kidz"), travel safe and well protected no matter where we go!!!

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  1. Caesar, you look like you are doing great! I am so happy to hear your Mom and Dad are looking out for you, you know they always have your best interest at heart. Remember to take it easy while your leg heals and you will be rolling around with Miss Jeni before you know it. And one more thing, stay out of the mud! From the looks of your blog you are quite fond of it.

    Dr. K