Sunday, May 30, 2010

a huge thank-you to everybody...

it's been a hard few weeks here with two dogs needing so much extra attention, one who's well on his way to getting better, and one who is now in hospice care. the "white tornado" has had his staples removed and is rarin' to go. another three weeks and he'll have his post surgery follow-up exam, and hopefully get the okay to go back to being a regular dog! since his "big brother" the shepster was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness,

caesar has been very patient, concerned and careful around shep, it's really very sweet to see. he is such a good boy, and we have every hope and expectation that he'll make a full recovery from his injury. we want to thank Dr. Lisa and the amazing Sara (for phone support above and beyond the call...), Dr. Romine and everyone at Saline Veterinary Services for the postop care and concern, our friend Larry for making sure we're always safe wherever we travel...and those amazing boys, Kris and Jared, for being there for me when ever i say, "i need your help". you all are the best!

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