Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that was then...this is now!

caesar is a lucky dog, his wait had a very happy ending...and now he's safe and well taken care of, traveling the country and enjoying life. there are thousands like him,...wonderful shelters and pounds and animal controls everywhere...just waiting for someone to love, someone who will take care of them. PLEASE rescue or adopt!

the big red truck has left florida and is on the way to iowa. caesar is adjusting to life on the road amazingly well, we talk every day about how good he is...he's never had an accident in the "house" and, up until yesterday, had never gotten into any mischief. BUT...he's feeling better and he's teething...uh-oh, time for some new charger cords! who knows where they'll be headed next, but will probably be back here in michigan sometime around the holiday weekend.

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